Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Judges

The Idiotarod is a race in some sense. The teams must get a card stamped at a dozen or so checkpoints scattered around downtown. They have to do something at several of them, like get their picture taken in front of Stan Musial's statue at Busch Stadium or roll a few at Flamingo Bowl. Each team chose its own route. The one that got to all the stops and reached the finish line first was the winner.

There was another element though. There were four judges who reviewed each entry and awarded points for style, originality and costumes. They were done up as cheap imitations of the English bewigged and robed judiciary.

Each team passed before them. It is a time honored, if not honorable, tradition for the contestants to try to bribe the judges. That's what's going on in the first picture. The Twister team plies them with color coded lolly pops. There is litter from other attempts, like a box of Frosted Flakes from the Cereal Killers and hands-full of fortune cookies from the Chinese restaurant team.

Having been a member of the bar for 38 years (gasp), I understand that a pragmatic approach to judges is required. My favorite example is from the old Mae West - W. C. Fields movie My Little Chickadee.  Mae is a wanton but savvy woman of the Old West. At the beginning of the film, she appears before a judge as the authorities try to run her out of town. Mae is giving him a very hard time.

The pompous old judge glares down at her and says, "Young lady, are you trying to show your contempt for this court?"

Mae flutters those big eyelashes and replies, "Why your honor, I've been trying my best to conceal it."

I want to use that one time before I retire.


2013 Idiotarod 13

2013 Idiotarod 15

2013 Idiotarod 14


cieldequimper said...

My hair will be white like that soon if I don't do something!!!

Stefan Jansson said...

As I said yesterday, we need a race like this where I live. Great photos today as well.

TheChieftess said...

When you use that line Bob, will you be wearing one of those great wigs???

William Kendall said...

Wonderfully silly!

Jack said...

Terrific portraits today, as well as a terrific story. The Loo is pretty wacky, I see.

Unknown said...

Oh yes Bob, to utter these words once before you retire!!!

I love the idea of trying to bribe the judges. What a fantastic idea. I think the Cereal Killers did the trick with their Frosted Flakes. I would have given them top marks for that!

Lovely portraits of the judges BTW!