Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Scotland The Brave

2013 Idiotarod 17

Anyone who has heard massed bagpipes play Scotland The Brave knows what real head pain is like. This group of imitation Highlanders at the Idiotarod spared the crowd's ears but not its eyes. Above, while trying to sway the judges, they perform a dance that I heard was personally condemned by Robert the Bruce. Just below, they offer their final respects to their honors before taking their place at the starting line. They seem to have lost some of their enthusiasm by the time I took the last picture an hour later.       

2013 Idiotarod 18

2013 Idiotarod 19


cieldequimper said...

There's something wrong there, I see underwear.

A pipe band makes my spine shiver. I love it.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

That's no how you wear a kilt Bob, too much excusez moi, exactly what do you mean about bagpipe music, if played properly it's a 'magical' sound haha! Although we don't have such an event here, I did notice a short while back we had a 'paint ball' race the same as the race you showed images some time ago! Super series of posts!

Virginia said...

Don't look Ethel!!!

Unknown said...

No worries Virginia, there's nothing to look at - underwear is being worn. But then it's an idiotarod :)

Bob you're right, they seem to have lost some of the spirit in the last photo.

Unknown said...

And... I'll ditto CDQ - I love bagpipe music when it's played properly. Reminds me of the traditional festivals of my youth in Brittany.

William Kendall said...

Fun pics, Bob!

And I like the bagpipes!

Stefan Jansson said...

This will go down great in Scotland!