Sunday, March 31, 2013

Maurepas Foods And Bywater

New Orleans 2013-03-19 34

Unfortunately, we only had one free evening in New Orleans. We met Shannon, my paralegal's sister, who is a long-time NOLA resident. At her suggestion, we had dinner at Maurepas Foods in the Bywater neighborhood. It's across the street from Christopher Porché-West's studio.

Wow. Exquisite dishes based on Cajun and Creole cuisine with inventive twists. Unusually for an American restaurant these days, the portion sizes were exactly right for human beings, rather than swine. The prices were very reasonable. Highly recommended. The top picture shows Mrs. C and Shannon across the table. Carolyn is in a dreamy bayou reverie while Shannon discusses the wine list with our server. By the way, look at the second picture closely.

The Bywater neighborhood was fascinating and I hope to explore it more. The rest of the shots are images in the area that caught my eye.

This ends the New Orleans series. There are more pix in the set on Flickr here. A new series about St. Louis starts tomorrow. The subject is fabulous. It says so.           

New Orleans 2013-03-19 39

New Orleans 2013-03-19 36

New Orleans 2013-03-19 33

New Orleans 2013-03-19 27

New Orleans 2013-03-19 28

New Orleans 2013-03-19 26

New Orleans 2013-03-19 32

New Orleans 2013-03-19 14


s.c said...

It is for the first time that I hear an american citizen talking about a normal eating portion for humans. It is indeed something we europeans where always amazed when confronted. Your little impressions of New Orleans are very nice to see and I specially like the painted trash can in the last one and the creole tomato ad. said...

Your photos have captured the uniqueness of New Orleans.

cieldequimper said...

Ooh what a wonderful set of New Orleans photos!

Maurepas is a town not very far from Versailles!

Unknown said...

All shots are great but the women talking on the cell phone is way too funny! :-) Well seen, Bob.

TheChieftess said...

New Orleans is on my bucket list!!!

Virginia said...

I knew you'd get some good stuff and you certainly did B.

Tamera said...

It is such a foodie's town. Thanks for sharing all your great images.

William Kendall said...

Terrific shots, Bob. A city with real character to it.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I agree with JM Bob, the third photo made me smile...I wonder if she's saying...'I feel the force...!' Haha!