Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gee But It's Great To Be Back Home

2013 Idiotarod 2

Is this what being back in St. Louis does to you?

Actually, I got back out on the streets yesterday for the annual Idiotarod, a fundraiser for Operation Food Search. The joke is a reference to the Iditarod, the great Alaskan dog sled race that also started yesterday. Groups of five run around downtown with decorated grocery carts, pretending they are the dogs, driver and sled. The themes and costumes are outlandish.

High spirits were all around. As I have observed before, St. Louis loves an excuse to drink in the morning. The ladies in the last picture crossed my path several times on the zig zag course, plying me with alcohol at every turn:

Sir, would you take our picture? Sure. My name is Bob. (ALL of the 20-somethings called me sir until I told them to stop.) Great! Would you like a beer? No, but thanks. How about some of this? What is it? Grape juice and vodka! Kinda early in the day for me. Maybe after 5. Then have a shot of Captain Morgan! And so on and so on.

Who gets the reference in the fourth picture? The woman is playing a male character. Hint: (s)he is carrying a towel.

Lots more of this in the coming days.

2013 Idiotarod 1

2013 Idiotarod 3

2013 Idiotarod 5

2013 Idiotarod 4


Lynette said...

Gosh, I love these photos, Bob! Love 'em! Thanks for getting out and taking them. That sort of race, called the Portland Urban Iditarod, happens here, but I have not hear about it this year. Wonder if I missed it today? Just Googled to check. It was to have been on March 9 but has been cancelled--their Web site says the Lead Dog couldn't get his traces straight in time to get the event together. It's projected to return in 2014.

Ann said...

Tee hee... Zaphod Beeblebrox! Brilliant, I almost missed it!

Birdman said...

Wow! What a day to have the camera cocked and loaded. I'm envious.

William Kendall said...

Sheer unadulterated goofiness! Great shots!

Memphis MOJO said...

I look forward to some more of these!

Unknown said...

My favorite is the Chinese noodle lady. Very cool.

Congratulations to the organisers for coming up with the idiotarod. Avignon provides no opportunity whatsoever for people to make fool of themselves and that's a pity, not the least for photographers.

Stefan Jansson said...

I remember drinking in the morning although I only did it a few times. I think we need a Idiotarod in Haninge as well. Great series of snaps Sir.