Saturday, August 27, 2011

STL DPB On The Road: A Day Trip To Italy

Father and Daughter, Il Brigantino Restaurant, Ventimiglia

A hot, exhausting, fabulous, image-filled day.

Menton lies on the Italian border. A few kilometers beyond is the large town of Ventimiglia, which has a crazy weekly market on Fridays. Jilly took us for a day trip there, and then on to a couple of ancient hillside towns. It's late Friday as I write this, so just brief descriptions.

Above, father and daughter who work in the restaurant Il Brigantino in Ventimiglia, where we had lunch.


A waiter at the Bar Manhattan in Ventimiglia, where we stopped for a cold drink. This little thing had a flash. We never found out if it was real or a toy.

A young lady impressed by brand names in the weekly market.

Sardines in the Ventimiglia fish market.

A cheesemonger in the public food market.

A B&B in an alleyway in the old village of Dolceagua (Sweetwater in English - how charming).

Today, the old town of Menton and Monaco. Tomorrow, on to Avignon.

Minicam In Ventimiglia


Sardines, Ventimiglia Fish Market

Cheesemonger In Ventimiglia

La Casetta di Vale

10 comments: said...

The sardines are in focus. Either you had the shutter speed set fast or they had been out of the water long enough that they had stopped wriggling and flipping.

Thanks for sharing with us a review of your delightful day.

cieldequimper said...

You're making me want to grill sardines.

Bibi said...

Superb photos...I want the cheese, and cieldequimper's idea isn't bad either. As a student in France in '68-'69, I slept on the beach with some friends in Ventimiglia to save a few francs...not sure I'd do that now, but hey, I don't need to!

brattcat said...

Bob, you are truly taking in this experience through your heart and through your lens (and through your stomach, yum yum). Thank you for taking us along with you. More, more, more, please.

Luis Gomez said...

These are great Bob!

Virginia said...

Oh I love them all. I"m sorry we couldn't SKYPE but I have high hopes still!

Virginia said...

I just read Ciel's comment. How the heck do you grill sardines? Don't they fall through the grill? HA

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Fabulous pictures Bob, so glad you are able to keep posting them, keep enjoying!!

Jack said...

Bob, your joy is jumping off the screen. Have (more) fun.

Sharon Creech said...

What fabulous pics - thanks so much for taking us along. Love that S'weetwater' - Italian is una bella language, si?