Tuesday, August 30, 2011

STL DPB On The Road: Avignon Vision

Avignon 2011-08-29 1 5 - Restaurant New ground 1

Some people go on vacation to relax and then return to work refreshed. We go on vacation to exhaust every drop of energy while seeing the world. Wow, am I pooped.

We had a delightful lunch with Nathalie of Avignon In Photos, winner of the coveted Blog Of Note award, and then walked around the old city with her as our guide. Then we did the Papal Palace (not everyone knows that the papacy decamped from Rome and made Avignon its HQ for almost a century), then the Pont Saint-Benezet, the famous structure that goes half-way across the Rhone and then just stops. There's a story about that but I'm too tired to to look up a link.

Above, an alley in the old city.


The Avignon Vision tourist tram.

Two views of the guitarist we saw yesterday, one taken from high up on the parapets of the palace.

Lovers beside the Rhone.

The Pont Saint-Benezet, the palace and Notre dame des Domes cathedral.

Day trip to Chateau Neuf du Pape and wherever else today.

2011-08-29 Avignon 2 (Avignon Vision)

2011-08-29 Avignon 3

2011-08-29 Avignon 5

2011-08-29 Avignon 7

2011-08-29 Avignon 6

2011-08-29 Avignon 8


Olivier said...

encore un beau résumé de ta visite d'Avignon, très belles photos

Jilly said...

Ooooooh, that first photo is spectacular, Bob. I watched a programme about H. Cartier-Bresson last night so I'm well in the mood for such a shot. Well done.

The photo of the bridge is stunning. The reflections, that colour, the light, the angle from which you've taken it. It's a much photographed bridge I know but you've done something different here.

I can see you are having a wonderful time in Avignon. How could you not. Such a beautiful city and then, of course, the beautiful Nathalie.

cieldequimper said...

You are making me want to go to Avignon and its pont. I've never been there! Wine today?

brattcat said...

this is such fun traveling with you. we're seeing such different things in avignon. i hope we'll hear more about the buildings from the period when the pope resided in avignon. these are excellent.

Sharon Creech said...

Love these photos that capture the mood of Avignon; my favorite photo is of the guitarist, seen from above.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Love all of them Bob, bridge with reflections fabulous, lovers ahhh! and top photo..tops!!!!Keep on keeping on!!

nathalie said...

KUDOS for that top photo, I'm furiously jealous. You got everything right and I'll agree with Jilly - the spirit of Cartier Bresson was flying over you when you took it.

Clever angle for the Avignon Vision tourist train, that's brilliant!

The light on the Pont d'Avignon was obviously everything you could hope for. Great weather, great light, can't go wrong.

nathalie said...

Lovers on the grass, well.... he's a fraction too naked for decency if you ask me ! :-)
Ah l'amour, la France !

Virginia said...

I love Nathalie's take on HER city! :) I love everything about the top shot too. I think HCB and his pals are smiling B. Why are smokers so darn photogenic in France and so NOT here? HA

WEll first JB from Mainz, and now you and C have met our dear Nathalie in person. BTW, I fell in love with her work the first time I visited her blog if memory serves. She had a gorgeous shot through a stained or leaded glass (I think) window of the Palais du Pape.

I"m glad you're wringing out every single drop of France. How could you do less?

Michel Benoit said...

De très belles images d'Avignon !

Ming the Merciless said...

I have awesome memories of Avignon from my backpacking trip there in 1996. I need to go back and visit the south of France again.

T. Becque said...

Fantastic! Sigh...