Friday, August 5, 2011

Portraits of St. Louis Artists: Anthony Michael Philip

Anthony Michael Philip

Anthony Michael Philip paints, draws, works in the gallery/frame shop where I get my framing done and bangs the heck out of the largest drum set I've ever seen close-up. When I stopped by his loft and studio last weekend and asked him what he was working on, he just sat down as pictured and made the most amazing noise. What does he do with all those cymbals? He must have very nice neighbors.


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Yes indeed Bob, that's a very impressive set of drums! My husband was a drummer in a band when I first met him 300 years ago, and the drum kits then were a lot simpler! This looks so good in B&W!

brattcat said...

What a wonderful response to your question!

Birdman said...

Hahahaha I agree. Probably deaf too.

Jack said...

What Birdman said. (The black and white works nicely here.)