Saturday, November 27, 2010

STL DPB In Kansas: The Hunt

Ryan 1

It's a family tradition: the day after Thanksgiving my brothers-in-law, nephews and assorted hangers-on go out into the farm fields, trying to shoot small, defenseless birds that are theoretically edible. And the old, old joke is that they have shotguns but I have the edge in firepower - I have a Canon.

Above and below: nephew Ryan strides through the hay stubble with alert eyes. He is clay pigeon target shooting in the second picture - notice the shell cartridge ejecting from the shotgun. Farther down, nephew Josh pushes through the brush with a determined look; nephew Tom looks like his dog just died, someone stole his last six pack and his four-wheeler has a flat; and nephew-in-law Steve scans the horizon. And after all this effort, of course, the apres-hunt party.

Ryan 2

Josh 1

Tom 1

Steve 1

After The Hunt


brattcat said...

Did you join in on the apres-hunt party after bagging these great shots?

William Kendall said...

The wine stand is hilarious!

Virginia said...

Oh I love these, everyone. I might just be the deer/dear one guzzling bourbon! :)