Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Patriotic Corvettes

Yellow Patriotic Corvettes

Another shot from the Veterans Day parade. I just like the color and the horsepower. Every American male must have had fantasies of owning a Corvette at some time or other but it would be madness. My first car was a Triumph TR 4. That was somewhere between madness and utter folly.

In Dallas, Texas, on business today. Maybe I'll get me some barbeque and Lone Star beer tonight.


lewi14 said...

Great cars indeed!

Olivier said...

on ne peut pas louper le drapeau americain ;) superbes voitures

cieldequimper said...

You're in the Lone Star state and you're posting a car with a lone star. Aren't you just perfect?

My first car was a Mini Cooper. The real thing.

magiceye said...


Sharon said...

It was the just the Americian males who wanted to own a Corvette. I really wanted one but I think that desire was driven by a TV Show called Route 66.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Women dream of Corvettes too. At least I did. A 1961 two tone, thank you very much. My other favorite is one I actually got to drive for a while, a bug-eye Morgan in racing green. I felt totally cool.