Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Man

Stan's Statue 2

More downtown B&W. This is the statue of Stan Musial or Stan The Man, regarded by many as the greatest player in the history of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. They have been around since 1892 so that's saying something. However, Musial may in time be surpassed by Albert Pujols, who has just completed 10 years with the team. In that period he has been selected as an All Star nine times. He won the league's Most Valuable Player award three times and may well win it again for this year's season. After the 2011 season he becomes a free agent - the question is whether the Cardinals can afford to keep him. Maybe some day there will be a pair of statues on 8th Street. There would be symmetry since Musial was a left handed hitter and Pujols bats right.

Stan's Statue 1

Stan's Statue 2 detail


Olivier said...

belle statue et bel hommage a ce joueur de baseball (j'avoue que je ne le connaissais pas, j'ai regarde sa vie sur Wikipedia)

cieldequimper said...

I don't care for baseball but I have to admit it's a nice one.

Leslie D. said...

These are great in black and white. Adds to the nostalgia. I'm still riding high on the SF Giants World Series win.

Carraol said...

The sculpture angles are perfectly presented here, great B&W work!

brattcat said...

love that first shot.

Virginia said...

EVen I knew who "the man" was! Fancy that!

Jack said...

I'm voting for two statues. I admired Musial when he played, even though I am a lifelong Red Sox fan, and I admire Pujols today.

Monica said...

Thanks for this post.
Keep it up