Friday, May 21, 2010

Well, It Sure Wasn't Shot On Film

Another one from last weekend in Tower Grove Park, pending the hope of getting new material this weekend. This has layer after layer of digital tricks: Lensbaby, HDR, computer desaturation and image manipulation. Purists may disapprove but I think it turned out okay.

But, two really good photographic events today:

- there's a wrecking ball party in downtown STL late this afternoon. Twenty years or so ago, someone built a big enclosed shopping mall in the middle of downtown. It was the biggest such development in a US city center at the time. And it was a complete failure, dead vacant for some years now. (How about that for St. Louis' renaissance?) Well, now someone is turning it into a futuristic-looking parking garage. I think downtown will soon have more parking spaces than workers but the conversion is better than following the path of the ruins of Detroit. Anyway, the mall had a multi-level pedestrian bridge to an adjacent department store, also long defunct. The hulk blocks the view along a major downtown street that's actually undergoing some revitalization. So late today there's a street party for the first blows of the wrecking ball on the sad bridge. Your faithful reporter plans to attend.

- Amazon says my copy of Photoshop CS 5 will arrive today. Yippie!


brattcat said...

Just stay out of the path of the wrecking ball!

Bill Fehr said...

Interesting image. I have wondered about buying a lens baby, just not sure I can justify the cost, especially considering I probably wont make money with it.

Virginia said...

OK, I like this one.The blur isn't making my eyes go crazy for some reason. I'm sure you'll sleep better tonight knowing that!

Wrecking ball party. That sounds like some fun B.
Go for it!

Pierre said...

I love this effect!