Friday, May 7, 2010

Peat Loves STL

This is from the part of the Mississippi floodwall where graffiti is permitted. The eyeball is the signature of local artist
Peat Wollaeger, seen here at last year's Cinco de Mayo festival in the wacky People's Joy Parade. Peat and his crew create wild, out-sized lucha libre masks for the event. I'm the semi-official volunteer photographer for this year's parade so lots of pix from Sunday forward.

Once again, I apologize for no comments yesterday. I pulled a 15 hour shift between the day job and acting as the definitely official volunteer photographer for the annual awards dinner of the Deaconess Foundation, which funds my wife's job as a parish nurse. What happened to the concept of eight hours for work, eight hours for sleep and eight hours for what we will?


Olivier said...

cela va te faire un superbe logo pour ton blog ;)

brattcat said...

I've been thinking a lot about that "what we will" part.

Luis Gomez said...

Cool shot!

Nathalie said...

What do you mean, "the part of the Mississippi floodwall where graffiti is permitted"? Do you mean that graffiti artists do where they're told? Well behaved they are!

Only in America!