Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lazarus, Arise

Who would call a realty company Lazarus, and why? It has to be deliberate. Maybe this company buys up properties in moribund neighborhoods and, well, brings them back to life. That would be nice. Maybe the owner thinks that St. Louis is a dead city and that any deal s/he makes is an act of resuscitation. I don't know. Can't find a thing about this outfit on the web.

But there is more to it. The white graffiti on the rolling door on the right says "the karma effect." That mixes religions and cultures, making interpretation more difficult. So is this proposing that if you lead a virtuous life, build good karma and Lazarus is your realtor, when you die you can come back as, uh, yourself? Can the cycle of rebirth work that way? I think I need to go pour a glass of wine and ponder this.

TOMORROW: the Thursday Arch Series is back, plus a new post on Gateway.


lewi14 said...

Interesting. It sounds like a (new) (German) title by Dan Brown's books. In Germany his books were translated to "Sakrileg" (The Da Vinci Code) or "Illuminati" (Angels & Demons). I can hardly wait to see your tomorrow's post, Bob.

T. Becque said...

I wouldn't mind coming back as myself as long as I could keep everything I've learned this time around. That way it could be just a continuation. But I guess that would just be living one really long life. What would have been the point of dying in the first place? So perhaps that wouldn't work. Okay, now I need the wine.

cieldequimper said...

Boy, Saint Louis can be scary! And I can't fill myself a glass of wine to get over it at this time of day.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Maybe that notice posted on the door frame holds a clue? Add to your ponderings why someone would heart 6-26-61 (ooh, that's a lot of 6s). Maybe they heart the day they were born? Maybe they realize they got a better deal this time around? Oy, where's the tylenol?

brattcat said...

I agree with should send a link to Dan Brown's agent. He would be indebted to you for the inspiration. Or better yet, write the novel your abundant spare time. ( :

Virginia said...

"Deep Thoughts" by Bob.

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