Wednesday, June 4, 2008


A quickie, recycling bits of Sunday's theme day and Monday's picture of the White Palace restaurant. The full sign says Sandwich Shop. Off to Florida this morning for a professional conference. Tropical pix likely to follow.

By the way, a much higher than normal number of visitors yesterday and only one comment (thanks, iB). Wonder why.

TOMORROW: Thursday Arch Series


Mitch said...

Strong graphic feel, going b&w was a good idea.

I think yesterday's high traffic-to-comment ratio was caused by the powerful draw of a photo of a face and the mysterious object she seems to be eating. People saw the face in the thumb and probably couldn't tell what was going on, so they clicked on it. When they got to your site they said "Oh, it's a snow-cone" and then didn't have anything to say. I've discovered that comments are less likely if the picture is a complete thought. No mystery, no question: no comment.
Have a great trip!
- Mitch

Knoxville Girl said...

Oooh, SHOP. I hear and obey.
This looks a little silver, which reminds me of the French word argent, which can mean silver or money, which brings me back to SHOP. Lovely. This is more interesting than a photo of the entire sign might be.

Olivier said...

le ratio visiteurs/commentaires n'est jamais très bon ;o) (hier 406 visites et 25 commentaires sur EDP).
J'aime bien ton b&w (de toute façon je préfère les photos b&w au photos couleurs, mais moi je n'arrive pas a bien traiter le b&w , comme toi)

the ratio of visitors / comments is never very good ;o) (406 hits yesterday and 25 comments on EDP).
I like your b&w (anyway I prefer photos b&w photos in color, but I can not handle well the b&w, like you)

Craig Wilson said...

Love the tones and lighting on this reflective(?) surface. Great image.

Strangetastes said...

Thank you all for your comments. The curved band is stainless steel. The lettering is bright blue, the building is white and the cornice is bright red.