Monday, June 23, 2008

How Natural Disaster Can Help Keep Your Family Out Of Debt

I've mentioned in the past that St. Louis has become Little Las Vegas on Mississippi, with six major casinos in the area. I think it's horrifying, the stupidest, laziest, most regressive way the states can raise money. New casinos result in a notable rise in bankruptcies. My bipolar clients just can't handle them. Here, however, we have an effective method of silencing the giant sucking sound on the region's wallets. Even a flood can do some good. This is just the entrance, though. The casino itself floats behind on a old riverboat no longer fit to cruise.

The waters are now dropping. A final flood picture of one side of the casino appears below. Later this week we will show a particularly objectionable feature of the newest and most lavish of them all, Lumiere Place.


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Jane Hards Photography said...

The UK have had the same idea recently about supercasinos to regenerate rundown areas. Fortunately they now seemed to have shelved the idea. You are absolutely right it is no way to rejuvenate these ares. I wouldn't advocate a flood as a blessing but in this case Again I agree with you.