Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Many Americans think that May 5th is Mexican independence day. Wrong. That's September 16. May 5 is not even a national holiday in Mexico. The day commemorates Mexican forces' defeat of the French army when Napoleon III attempted to subjugate the country after the collapse of Spanish power. The French eventually took Mexico City but five years later Benito Juarez executed the erstwhile Emperor Maximillian I. That'll teach them Frenchies.

Today, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of culture throughout the Mexican diaspora. Four blocks of Chippewa Street in south St. Louis have become Little Mexico. I never knew! (Perhaps, in part, because my Spanish, while not nonexistent, it pretty bad.) It was the venue of our city's celebration.

I LOVE mariachis. The drive, lyricism, blend of brass, guitars and male voices is unlike any other music. These guys were really knocking it out.

By the way, Knoxville Girl wins yesterdays contest with a fast, spot-on answer. The masks are those of lucha libre, free fighting, Mexico's wildly popular form of professional wrestling.

TOMORROW: Lucha libre meets the contemporary art scene.


Olivier said...

il ne nous manque que la musique ;o)

it does lack that music ;o)

iBlowfish said...

Second picture is my favorite. Their expression are priceless. To answer your question, I took picture in my blog with 50mm lens on Olympus 2OM-n. The light from sunset right behind those building that created those look dramatic to sky in background. Nothing special treatment on picture other than adjustment for curves and levels.

Anonymous said...

Oh that first photo! I love mariachis too !

I'm sorry I can't visit on a daily visit but discovering all your latest posts is like an overdose of eye candy!

It took me a while to get the idea of your theme day post - how clever ! and the link was fantastic!

There's so much in your latest posts
- the skinhead
- the gasoline-saving bike sign
- all the Nikki de Saint phalle sculptures (love them !)

and then Cowboy Chris !!!!!

Thanks for the lot!

Anonymous said...

I tried to sing along the PI song, it's incredibly difficult. I need intense training. That girl does a beautiful job!!!!

Knoxville Girl said...

Checking in a day late...but, I love the top portrait. I can see the passion for this music in his face. Great close up. And I'm so excited about winning! Just want to say that you have so many wonderful photos, that I'll find it hard to choose!

Devans00 said...

Nice post. I Tweeted one of your mariachi pictures since I liked it so much.