Saturday, May 10, 2008

If Mitch Can Do It...

Mitch Rossow of Minneapolis DPB often posts a "moment of zen" picture on Saturday. The reference is to Jon Stewart's The Daily Show on our Comedy Central network. It ends with a short video clip of some bizarre statement or behavior of a notable person, which Stewart calls your moment of zen (follow the link to the show's web site for examples). This is my homage to Mitch's blog version. There seems to be circular logic at work here. And, notice the luchador in the left background. Can't stop looking at him, either.



Mitch said...

Very cool. Thanks for the "flattery" as the line goes. You certainly have the idea down. Life itself can make you think pretty hard. The guy in the wrestling mask as a casual background character really gets the zen thing going full-tilt.
Thanks for the link!
- Mitch

Mo said...

Love it.