Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chips Pickles Candy

This man was selling ice cream and snacks on a side street just off the parade route. I stopped and chatted with him well before the parade started when he was not busy. He works special events and, in between, just cruises neighborhoods and parks. The idea for this kind of shot is that a photographer can just go up and start talking to somebody about him or herself - never about you. Once a little relationship is established you can ask to take their picture. Few people say no. If that happens, just be polite, smile, say thanks anyway and find someone new to meet.

TOMORROW: Thursday Arch Series (special sauce department)


Olivier said...

oui il faut prendre son temps pour faire un portrait, agresser tout de suite quelqu'un avec son APN n'est pas une bonne solution. Mais des que l'on ouvre le dialogue, on peut apr├Ęs faire de beau portrait (souvent en proposant de les envoyer via Email)
yes we must take its time to do a portrait, immediately attacked someone with his camera is not a good solution. But we open dialogue, we can do after beautiful portrait (often by proposing to send them via Email)

Nathalie in avignon said...

I love his face !
Your recipe is just right! Thanks for the great tutorial.

Agree that you're particuliarly good at portraits.

But special kudos for your stripes only flag, it's just wonderful! Forgetting the stars adds a special twist to the shot.

thirdrail said...

Great enviromental portrait! I'm really jealous of this one. Every thing is perfect. The framing of the nicely weathered truck, and the gentelmen right on the "thirds." Wonderful shot!

Joe Cottonwood said...

Man, this is the essence of St. Louis. Bravo!

iBlowfish said...

I enjoy your street photos, and I can see your reflection too. Excellent shot as usual.

Knoxville Girl said...

This man has such a nice smile, it's obvious that you struck up a rapport with him. And I like the "caution children". Makes me think of that Ogden Nash poem about "Cross Children Walk."

Strangetastes said...

Thank you all for your comments. iBlowfish, you have a sharp eye (as we know from your photographs). Yes, that's me in a dark shirt, tan cap and very pale hands holding the camera. K'ville Girl, I love Nash! One of the bits of debris that keeps rattling around in my head is his observation that:

The one-L lama, he's a priest.
The two-L llama, he's a beast.
But I'm willing to bet
A fine silk pyjama
That you'll never find
A three-L lllama.