Tuesday, May 13, 2008


While wandering around Forest Park looking for material, I met this bluegrass trio who had performed at an event. They didn't have a business card and I didn't make a note of the group's name but they were happy to talk about what they did and let me take their picture.

I was much too shy to approach people in such situations until I took the brilliant Bobbi Lane's introduction to portrait photography workshop at the Maine Media Workshops last summer. There is a way to do this without fear or embarrassment - she taught us how. Bobbi might be the best teacher I ever had in any field. If you are interested in this sort of thing, the experience could change your life. I highly recommend it.


Olivier said...

belle photo de groupe, j'aime beaucoup. On fait dans la musique tout les deux aujourd'hui. Demain je présente l'équipe de Baseball d'Evry.
beautiful group photo, I like very much. It is in the music every two today. Tomorrow I present the team Baseball Evry.

iBlowfish said...

From all your street photos, I think you have a way with people. For some reason I really like this pose of bluegrass trio. And they are look relax too. Well done.

Anonymous said...

I would never approach people for a photograph, though I would have loved to have the picture many times!

Perhaps I should look into that class, too.

Of course, I'm not really sure I need new photographic subjects. I already snap about 5000-8000 pictures per year.

Gaëlle said...

Nice portrait. I should take a course such as the one you took last summer because I'm way too shy too and I'd love to be able to take this kind of pictures!

Victor said...

Hello Bob and happy Christmas. I was surfing through your old posts this morning when I ran across this wonderful street portrait. Just wanted to let you know that, based on their choice of instruments, these fellows were playing not bluegrass but old-time music which is the American musical form from which bluegrass emerged. More here...