Saturday, May 29, 2010

La Rivière la Nuit

This statue has been featured on STL DPB before. Aristide Maillol's La Rivière is one of my favorite works in Citygarden. I just liked the light and color as darkness approached. If the image looks a little disorienting, imagine rotating it 90 degrees clockwise. That's how it was shot and you can understand how the lamp sits in the water.

Lots to shoot in The Lou over our Memorial Day long weekend. Once again, the faeries (I kid you not) invited me to come shoot at the St Louis Renaissance Faire and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra is having me back to document their annual blockbuster flea market, the Gypsy Caravan. Got some great shots last year at each, which you can view here and here. Monday afternoon the family is going to see the St. Louis Cardinals duel for first place in their division against the Cincinnati Reds. Whew!


Nefertiti said...

magnifique photo,j adore les couleurs

bon w end

cieldequimper said...

Absolument superbe Maître Crowe. Bon weekend Memorial.

Luis Gomez said...

Looks wonderful Bob!

Virginia said...

Waht a beautiful piece. I liked the other views as well. Where is the Jardin du Carrousel? By the Louvre???
I want to see it when I go.

Jilly said...

Superb. The light on her hair, the colour - glorious.