Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big River, Gray and Brown

Skies full of dark spring rainclouds over the Mississippi. The bridges are the the Eads, the oldest bridge over the middle and lower river (the big part) and behind it the McKinley. The water level is high at this time of year, full of snow melt from up north.

I thought about titling this post Old Man River but PJ of Pensacola DP beat me to it.


Rambling Round said...

The river is really up and looks pretty foreboding. Nice old bridge.

Virginia said...

Love the "almost BW" effect here and what looks like mist coming off the water. Nice and calm.

cieldequimper said...

Beautiful photo in shades of blueish grey. Love it.

PJ said...

Oh, I'm happy to share but thanks for the shout out.
This is a great mood piece. The Spring chill reaches all the way to here. I hope you got to see the rain on the water, always satisfying.
When looking at the photo it happened to be scrolled up, shortened at the top. Maybe if it was cropped at the top it would be more dramatic. Then again, I like close-ups.
Your comment about my curious sculpture helped me understand why it was bothering me. Very astute, Professor Crow.

PJ said...

Seeing it again this morning, I like it just fine cropped this way. What a difference a day makes.