Friday, June 20, 2008

I (Almost) Never Shoot Flowers

Really, I keep thinking that pictures of flowers are just more of the same, unless you're Robert Mapelthorpe (which, fortunately for you, you're not). I'm desperate for new material but my 5D is in the shop (damn thing just died!) and my day-job workload has been as high as the river. So I pulled out an image I took earlier this year at the gorgeous Missouri Botanical Garden. It'll do for today.

TOMORROW: Date night (and day)


Olivier said...

tu t'es offert un beau bébé avec ce Canon EOS 5D.
you've been offered a beautiful baby with the Canon EOS 5D.

Nathalie said...

Will do.

Thanks for the link to RM's website. Fantastic flower shots indeed but have you seen Patti Smith's portrait ? It's scary!

I hope you get some sort of a weekend despite the heavy workload.

Virginia said...

Never say never. I will probably be taking pictures of my latest pedicure before it's all over. BTW, lovely flowers! Well done.