Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Downtown Boxes

Since I was out of town for five days and very busy a work before that, I don't have anything new to post. Scrounging through the archives, I found hid picture of two office buildings on Seventh Street. The first one, called Gateway One (as in the Gateway Arch) is architecturally undistinguished but parts of it look cool whan you arrange the angles and mirror glass. The second one is the Laclede Gas Building, where I work (wave hi!). It was built in 1969 in the International Style. Straight lines all around.


Olivier said...

une très belle photo graphique, on dirait un immense jeux de cubes pour enfants

a beautiful photo graphic, it looks like a giant playground for children of cubes

Anonymous said...

It's new to me, so I'm glad you scrounged - well worth viewing multiple times!

Bibi said...

Very nice photo. While we have some of these "boxes" here, I feel they're much more beautiful in a newer city like some in the US. It's a visual optical illusion!