Thursday, December 1, 2022


It's something that's common to many but not all people: a desire for expensive stuff that makes them feel special, better than others because of exclusivity. I can have this, you can't, and therefore I am a superior person. But as they say, money can't buy happiness.

However, are there perhaps little satisfying luxuries, more of a small special comfort than a show of ostentation? It could be good for someone's mental health and otherwise harmless.

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Stefan Jansson said...

Never cared about luxury. It is all very fake to me. But there is of course a difference between different quality products.

William Kendall said...

I agree with Stefan.

I remember a story about a very successful businessman who drove a regular car. When asked why he didn't want to drive a car more befitting his status, he replied that his self esteem was just fine and didn't need to be bolstered by driving a fancy car.

Jim said...

Good for theme day.