Wednesday, July 13, 2022


Dad and the kids at the Hare Krishna chariot parade. They were on the stage with the people chanting, drumming and playing simple melodies. I think the girl has small finger cymbals and the boy is a bit bemused.

It's a travel day for my family, in the air and on the road to see my son and his family in Michigan. No Detroit. They recently moved from a small town to Midland, a town of about 42.000 and headquarters of Dow Chemical near the head of Saginaw Bay. You can tell it's prosperous. Don't know whether or if I'll have something to post. Maybe I'll see something while we change planes in Chicago. 

And happy birthday to Mrs. C. I won't mention the number but she's looking very, very good.           


Barbara Rogers said...

Happy birthday to your lovely lady! (sight unseen, must assume she's lovely, as she's married to a photographer!)

William Kendall said...

A good shot. Happy birthday to her.