Tuesday, June 22, 2021



There is a new, or at least repurposed, area in Forest park called Nature Playscape, https://www.forestparkforever.org/playscape. Its web page says that it is an

experiential play space with natural landscapes . . . featuring distinct activity areas,  include[ing] sand play areas, willow tunnels, stump steppers, boulders and rocks, hand water pumps and much more. The goal: Encourage visitors — especially kids — to connect with nature as they engage their senses as they explore, discover and learn.  

I took Ellie there a couple of weeks ago and she was bored. We think it's not so great as a children's play area but a beautiful place for adults to wander in a carefully curated recreation of Midwestern meadows and woods. Parts of it deserve close visual attention. 

Another infrared shot obviously.          




William Kendall said...

Well selected for the treatment.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous shot!