Friday, August 9, 2019


There are more pictures of the light show on Henry Shaw's house (lots more) that I could edit. For the moment I'll move along. We can come back to the house projections if I need more material before the Fringe festival starts Tuesday night.

One of the features at Garden Party Lights was this series of lighted squares, each slightly rotated from the last to disorient your sense of space. They changed color but this was the sharpest shot I got. 

BTW, I just noticed that this is STL DPB 4,444th post. Is that of any significance?      


William Kendall said...

A wonderful shot!

Cloudia said...

Cool post!

Stefan Jansson said...

Superb photo here Bob. 4444 is a good number.

The Padre said...

Gr8 Number And Brilliant Shot - Very Tron Like