Friday, August 23, 2019


Been offline here for a bit. I took thousands and thousands of pix at the Fringe festival, all of which has to be edited. Then a ton of regular work had the nerve to slap me in the face and I gotta clear my desk before Mrs. C and I head out of town on Tuesday.

So back to the shows. Artica regular Audrey Crabtree has created a hilarious character, Deenie Nast, a has-been Hollywood and Broadway star who still wants attention. The stories she tells and the images projected behind her are a little far-fetched. By the illustrations she could be over a century old. I think there was one B&W photo of her giving a peck on the cheek to W. C. Fields. 

She's lived a hard life, apparently with no regrets. Deenie regaled the audience with the wonder  of herself but couldn't keep up the pace. Medical attention of a sort had to be called to keep her off the floor.           

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William Kendall said...

Wonderfully expressive shots!