Friday, April 5, 2019


I suppose you could ask Lohr or one of the other ancient Articans. They (the totems, not necessarily the Articans) tend to be short, eclectic assemblages, on wheels with something to pull them. And bizarre. Don't forget bizarre. But it's not absolutely necessary to have one of these. One marcher carried an armload of plush toy pigs.

Yesterday was a blogging day off due to the inconvenience of surgery. I had an inguinal hernia, not a major problem (yet) but it had to be addressed. The procedure took an hour and required general anesthesia. Sleep is sometimes called le petit mort but anesthesia is a much better metaphor. And it's not like a sliding switch: you are and then you are not. And then, quite remarkably, you are again - small scale resurection. 

They sent me home with a jar of narcotic pain medication, predicting I'd use it like popcorn. Haven't needed a single one. Great job by my surgeon, Dr. Omar Guerra, and his team.       

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William Kendall said...

These are rather cute. Hopefully your recovery continues to be smooth.