Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 Photos of the Year

It's time to review our year's work and pick a favorite. Being greedy, I can't limit myself to just one. There could be lots more but these are my besties. People notice that I shy away from pretty pictures. There are some in my portfolio but what interests me is the ironic, the street, the theater and personalities. So...


Night walk in a forest near Monteverde, Costa Rica. How the guide found this tiny lizard I cannot say. Lit by only a flashlight.

A scene from a play called Pain during the St. Louis Fringe Festival . Actually, this is my favorite but I thought it would put people off if I placed it first.


Fourth of July fireworks at the Arch.


Utter concentration while building a Lego tower. At the Magic House, our area's children's science museum.


Autumn in Forest Park. Okay, I guess this qualifies as a pretty picture.


First published just a few fays ago.


The irrepressible Lola van Ella at the St. Louis Fringe's fundraiser Act Your Pants Off.


Specials at Ricky's Cafe, Hanover, Kansas.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, taken from the north shore of the bay.

Part of The  Heidelberg Project, Detroit. Look it up!

A happy new year and good shooting to all our City Daily Photo colleagues. Take a look at of our members' best work here. It's starting to go up.


Sharon said...

Awesome photos! Happy New Year!

William Kendall said...

The fireworks shot is my favourite.

BarbRad said...

I do like the tiny lizard. I'm amazed it didn't escape the hand before you could shoot. My second favorite was Ellie's construction project and her face as she built. Happy New Year!

Jack said...

It is a wonderful collection, Bob. The special ones for me are the blue man, the fireworks behind the arch and Ellie.

RCA said...

like it!