Thursday, May 31, 2018

Inside The Whitney

The Whitney Museum of American Art isn't real big compared to, say, New York's gargantuan Metropolitan Museum, but it's big enough that there's always something interesting. The current main show is a retrospective of Grant Wood's work. His iconic painting is American Gothic, below, which made him an instant star. You can look at this link to the museum's website while it's still up. Wood, who spent most of his life in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, had a distinct style and a definite dark side.

The other main show was about the photographer and sculptor Zoe Leonard. Frankly, it didn't do a lot for me except for the witty sculpture (for want of a better word) seen farther down - a long line with stacks of old Kodak manuals for the general public.

And if nothing else appeals to you, you can stare at the wall - or read a placard describing a work - or walk your kids around while looking at your phone.


biebkriebels said...

Modern abstract photography I often find not so interesting, I agree. It is not spontaneous. I prefer our blogger photos :)

William Kendall said...

I had to look up American Gothic- looking at your shot of it made me wonder who Woods used for the models.

Sharon said...

When I was working in Chicago, I went to the Art Institute every chance I got. I loved seeing American Gothic almost every time I went.