Saturday, May 5, 2018

Detroit Loves You

I've stayed in some unusual, interesting places over the years, like a Chinese army tent in Tibet and my great-grandfather's simple farmhouse in rural Ireland. Gotta say, though, that the Detroit Loves You Guest House is right up there.The neighborhood is called Piety Hill, a name derived from a row of magnificent churches on a local street (which, since I just got in, I have yet to locate). It epitomizes the calamitous fall and new resurgence of the Motor City. The neighborhood has homes that are just hanging in, derelict structures and beautiful rehabs. 

This guest house was the first AirBnB listing in Detroit. The dining space is a working foosball table covered by a plank of wood. Plenty of space for my granddaughters to jump and a produce market around the corner irrigating what in St. Louis we know as a food desert.

On the street with my camera in Detroit today.


siu said...

Suddenly back to St. Louis: number 18 here is your Arch:

William Kendall said...

The city has gone through some rough times but is finding its way back.

RedPat said...

I lived in Windsor when Detroit was still a fabulous place and we would take the bus over for an afternoon of shopping downtown or to go to a movie. Before you needed a passport and all of the security that makes traveling an ordeal now. I hope the city comes back to something wonderful again.

bill burke said...

Hi Bob, just want to say that I enjoyed looking at all your Detroit photos. There's a lot of great things happening there and that's good. It looks like Detroit is making a comeback.