Friday, May 26, 2017

Mexican Music, Mexican-ish Food

I've still got a backlog of raw images to edit and I haven't even started on what I shot last weekend. It occurred to me to take some time off during this holiday weekend. Do you think it's likely?

The first photo is the singer in a Mexican band. She was really into it and I enjoyed her passion. I speak a little Spanish and I understood some of the song. Like a lot of popular music, it sort of boiled down to "ooh, baby baby."

The restaurant in the second picture was new to me.  It sounds like heaven. To hell with the cardiologist. Enjoy life.   


Stefan Jansson said...

Interesting mix, Taco & Ice Cream. Never much fun with a huge backlog of photos but we have all been there.

William Kendall said...

Ice cream for me. I'll skip the tacos.

Sharon said...

I'll give their tacos a try!