Saturday, September 26, 2015


Japanese Festival 2015-09-05 21

The sumo wrestlers are one of the most popular performers at the Japanese festival. It's always a group from Hawaii, where the sport is common and feeds talent into the Japanese professional circuit. 

It is amazing that people so huge are so flexible. The bottom photo is of a training exercise. The top wrestler pushes down his colleague as hard as possible. Can  you touch the soles of your feet together while sitting on the floor?                        

Japanese Festival 2015-09-05 22

Japanese Festival 2015-09-05 23

Japanese Festival 2015-09-05 24


José Mendonça said...

The bottom photo is impressive! Great capture, Bob.

William Kendall said...

I like the sense of intensity in these shots.

Sharon Anck said...

Amazing shots of these wrestlers!

Stefan Jansson said...

Never seen it live but I have watched a lot of Sumo wrestling on TV, my mother is a bit of a fan, I will have to show her your photos.