Monday, September 28, 2015

A Small Performance

Japanese Festival 2015-09-05 35

This Japanese man performed in a quiet corner of the garden. He had a modest pushcart that proved to be full of tricks and delights.Things to juggle and balance, disguises and odd bits of materials. In the second and third pictures he fashions flowers from globs of spun sugar on a stick, finally handing one to a member of the audience.

I'll end the series from the Japanese festival here - it's been going on a long time. There are more pictures to edit, particularly of the taiko drummers on the amphitheater stage, and photos that have not been posted to the blog. I particularly recommend two shots of a blind Iraqi-American judo practitioner who is trying to make the team for the Special Olympics. He took on the sumo giants in photos here and here.       

Japanese Festival 2015-09-05 36

Japanese Festival 2015-09-05 37

Japanese Festival 2015-09-05 39


Halcyon said...

This has been an interesting series. Does St. Louis have ties to Japan? I wouldn't expect such a big festival like this there.

William Kendall said...

Very cool, Bob!

Birdman said...

As a cat lover, just LOVE the 'claws' T-shirt.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

A pushcart filled with tricks and delights is a wonderful thing :) tres enjoyable series Bob.

Jack said...

This would be fun to see. (Your street portraits are wonderfully sharp and nicely lit.)