Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Yo, Vinny!

Arles 2014-09-01 1

Towns and cities make their living off whatever they can. We took a day trip to Arles yesterday, where Vincent van Gogh spent some of his life. The place squeezes every euro it can out of him. There is great charm, however, in the placards the town has put up at the location of some of his famous paintings. The first below is in the old Roman arena, probably at a bull fight. The next is the yellow house where he lived. The smaller building in front is gone but that's the same one behind. You can see the same railroad trestle on the right.

We will be in Paris this afternoon.

Arles 2014-09-01 4

Arles 2014-09-01 5

Arles 2014-09-01 3

Arles 2014-09-01 6


Bibi said...

Arles is a beautiful city, as you have come to know. I remember it from my student days in not-so-far away Aix. When on my other computer, I will send you a photo of a corrida in Arles circa 1971.... van Gogh is my favorite artist. I have three volumes of his correspondence with (mainly) Theo. The 'cafe jaune' was there years ago when I visited, but not pimped up. ;)

Olivier said...

bienvenu dans le parc d'attraction Vincent Van Gogh ;)

William Kendall said...

That is a good way to honour the man. You've captured these examples well!

Luis Gomez said...

So beautiful!

Nathalie Beaumes said...

Great analysis of the situation. Great photos too.