Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Most Beautiful Village In France

Gorbio 2014-08-28 9

Well, it's not like I've seem all of them but Gorbio has to be a serious competitor. Just a few hundred people in the town proper. Everyone knows everyone. The huge old tree in the center has been there for centuries. There is an informal cafe, a fine restaurant, a church and a post office. If there is a food shop I didn't see it. You just have to go 7.4 km / 4.5 miles down the mountain road to Menton but  you try driving that slalom course.

Our colleague Jilly, who does Menton Daily Photo, actually lives just down the mountain from Gorbio. She is the village's de facto photographer. Look over her blog for wonderful examples.

Back to STL posts soon. We may get to the Cardinals game tonight. The Color Run is Sunday morning.  There are many more pictures from France to edit. I'll mention it as they go up on Flickr.

Gorbio 2014-08-28 10

Gorbio 2014-08-28 11

Gorbio 2014-08-28 13

Gorbio 2014-08-28 14

Gorbio 2014-08-28 12

Gorbio 2014-08-28 15


Babzy.B said...

There are so many beautiful villages in France :) very nice serie of images :)

s.c said...

Great memories of this little village. Trouble to choose the best one I bet.

Stefan Jansson said...

It's a fine little village.

Kate said...

Great photos and commentary!

Virginia said...

OK, I had my fav then the top of the stairs photo took my breath. Fine shots and one day I hope to see it for myself.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful shots, Bob, and I love the kitty. I've followed Jilly's blog for awhile now- I can't recall how I came across it first- and love her photos of both the town and the village.

Norma said...

Oh, is beautiful!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

It really is a beautiful village Bob, I often look at Jilly's blog, her images are so very beautiful.

Jack said...

Yes, it is a most beautiful village. The most beautiful? It must be a contender.

Petrea Burchard said...

I wanted to see how you show it. Lovely photos.