Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Colorful Personalities

Color Run 2014 1

The Color Run must have taken place almost everywhere in the world by now, except maybe North Korea. I've shot it twice, both in 2012, in The Lou and Birmingham, AL (scroll down in the set). I'm sure it's a for-profit deal. People pay a significant fee to run 5 km while occasionally being pelted with brightly colored powder. They seem  to have a good time.

These are just some very stained faces in the crowd. More to come.

Color Run 2014 2

Color Run 2014 3

The Occasional Madeleine Photo

Madeleine At The Apple Store

 Baby's first visit to the Apple Store. She looks as befuddled as many of the customers. Taken on my iPhone, of course.


Olivier said...

Madeleine est deja une Geek ;)
Les couleurs sont superbes sur les photos

Stefan Jansson said...

Nice candid portraits. There was one in Stockholm a while back, I spotted a few participants at the Haninge Day celebrations.

Norma Beishir said...

So...Madeleine went to the Genius Store?

William Kendall said...

She'd rather have a toy than a laptop.

I've never seen that run done here.

Jack said...

OK. I am an old man, I admit it. But I don't get the thrill of having color dust fired at me. (I took some pix of a color run in Savannah last springtime.)

I got a good giggle out of your commentary and the photo of M in the Apple store.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

You got super shots again Bob, think it's happening here pretty soon.. I think you should get Madeleine out of that Apple shop pronto :)