Friday, September 5, 2014

An American in Paris

Paris 2014-09-04 2

Paris 2014-09-04 1

I had Gershwin's music in my ears today as we walked around the city. (Why do they call it the City of Light? It not any brighter than, say, Chicago. If there's a City of Light, it's Tokyo.) Anyway, it was a cool, gray day Thursday. Pictures were where you found them.

We made the obligatory visit to the Orsay Museum. Lots of 19th Century art, lots of views from its Left Bank balconies. It was originally a train station and had huge clocks in its riverside corners. Good photo op. That's the Louvre in the background of the first picture.

We also found ourselves on Les Grandes Boulevards, doing a bit of shopping. Fashionable Japanese women seemed to be flocking to Au Printemps for the Kedzo collection. Not in our interest or price range.  

Paris 2014-09-04 3

Paris 2014-09-04 4

Paris 2014-09-04 5


William Kendall said...

I'm envious, Bob. Those first two shots work beautifully in black and white.

Luis Gomez said...

So good!

Norma said...

Ah, Paris!

Nikole said...

I'd say they call it the city of light because artists find it brings out pure colour. It's a gentle all encompassing light rather than a bright exposing kind of light.

Memphis MOJO said...

Wonderful shots, thank you.

Jack said...

Your two clock photos are superb, Bob!

Stefan Jansson said...

I am a bit jealous, you seem to have a really good time. Keep it up.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Fabulous clock shots Bob.. not interested in Kenzo.. no, me neither :)