Friday, April 11, 2014


Saguaro National Park 1

So, the destination:

We got into Phoenix late Wednesday night and flopped at an airport hotel.  Yesterday morning we drove south to Tucson, Arizona's second city, and headed for the part of Saguaro (sah WHA row) National Park east of the city. There's another to the west we'll get to on Saturday. 

This is the iconic southwestern US plant, but they grow in a limited area of southern Arizona and northwest Mexico. The saguaro don't start sprouting the characteristic arms until they are about 75 years old.  But there are lots of other interesting things. You could, for example, wreck your bike and break every bone in your body.

Mrs. C and I like to look for local cuisine when we travel. We ended up at the Cushing Street Bar and Restaurant. It gets terrific ratings on Tripadvisor and we certainly agree. It's in a very old building, plain white adobe, but the food and staff were first class. I had maybe the best mojito of my life.

We drove back to the hotel through downtown. Ain't like the Midwest.                                     

Saguaro National Park 3

Bike Crash

Saguaro National Park 4

Cushing Street Bar

Midtown Liquors Tucson

Downtown Tucson


Olivier said...

tes photos de nuit sont superbes. et la panneau est tres bon

s.c said...

Nice pic's of the plants. So different of the ones you see normal and I love the night shots. Thanks for showing.

Luis Gomez said...

Beautiful set of images Bob.

Sharon said...

Great shots from Tucson!!

William Kendall said...

Splendid shots! The landscape and the plant life is so radically different from here, but so beautiful too.

Norma said...

I've always loved the Southwest. Winslow, Arizona is a favorite. And Santa Rosa, New Mexico.

Memphis MOJO said...

Here's wishing you a good trip. I'm jealous.

Stefan Jansson said...

I will be right over. Seriously, this looks great.