Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Arizona Inn

Croquet At The Arizona Inn

We've been to Tucson once or twice over the years but really don't know the area. We asked our colleague Dave of Tamarindo DP, who lives in the Phoenix area, for advice about where to stay. He recommended the gorgeous Arizona Inn, a landmark since 1930. It oozes charm and style.

You can play croquet in a pink seersucker suit and bare feet after breakfast. Wander the gardens. Dine on the patio. Watch the moonrise. It was heavenly, and fairly priced for all the beauty. It's a place we would like to return to one day.                      

The Arizona Inn 1

Breakfast At The Arizona Inn

The Arizona Inn 3

The Arizona Inn 2

Dusk At The Arizona Inn 1


Bibi said...

Me, I love desert colors, from the flowers to the facades. Looks like a very nice place.

Luis Gomez said...

I will remember this post. Thank you Bob.

Sharon said...

Now I'm really jealous. The Arizona Inn is also my favorite place to stay in Tucson. It's so beautiful there. However, I don't believe I've ever seen anyone in a pink seersucker suit playing croquet while I was there. That is certainly an added treat.

William Kendall said...

Now that's a wonderful place to stay in!

Norma said...

It looks so relaxing!

Jack said...

It is very pretty, Bob.

But first I would have to buy a pink seersucker suit.

Stefan Jansson said...

Seems like a nice place for a week or two. Even without a pink suit.