Thursday, January 2, 2014

Those Same Crazy People

Waterskiing On The Mississippi 2014-01-01 1

It happens here and there in the northern US and, I assume, cold places around the world. People jump into bodies of icy water on New Year's Day. When I was growing up I remember people who called themselves the Polar Bear Club swimming in the Atlantic at Coney Island. Here, they go water skiing in the Mississippi.

I've shot the event other years. Yesterday was the warmest New Year's Day in some time, 43F/6C at the start of the event. It benefits the Missouri Disabled Water Ski Association, a group that gets people with severe handicaps out on the water and moving fast.

This fellow was doing a handstand on his board, which soon resulted in a very cold splash.          

Waterskiing On The Mississippi 2014-01-01 2


Halcyon said...

They have those kinds of events here in Germany, but you are not allowed to wear a wetsuit. Bathing suits only! :)

Luis Gomez said...

These are always fun. And no matter how warm the day was, it always makes me wonder why?

Birdman said...

Not a brainiac!
I say just give $$$$ to these great causes and STOP entertaining us with your stupidity!
Off my chest!

William Kendall said...

I love the cold, but somehow polar bear dips are not for me!

Stefan Jansson said...

We get that a lot over here, I am yet to take part.