Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Arch Series

Arch In A Puddle

In yesterday's post, I asked readers if they had a preference among three rather different Arch photos I shot recently. Only S.C. from Amsterdam, an architect, replied, expressing a preference for Miesian simplicity.

Actually, I'm holding that one for a bit. Today's image has some urban rhythm and derelict property. The vacant square block is where most of the old Busch Stadium sat. The new one is just off camera to the right. When the team came begging for public money to help build the new venue, they promised to develop a wonderful complex on the site of the old stadium called Ballpark Village. It was to have shops, restaurants, apartments, a hotel and office space. The new stadium opened in 2006. Not long afterward the economy tanked, the real estate market retired to its sick bed and the developers left us with this vacant lot. Well, now part of it is a parking lot. It has a rather crude, seldom used baseball field (it's not very flat) and this little swamp you see in the foreground.

And thus the taxpayers' money. It does make some cool, symmetric reflections, though.


Olivier said...

beau reflet, mais c'est bete l'abandon des projets. Encore un bel exemple de l'utilisation des contribuables

cieldequimper said...

Some things just make me so angry, still it's a nice reflection.

s.c said...

The reflections are great but the arch has not its normal awe factor. The picture is more taken by the buildings in the foreground and it doesn't come separate from it. Still thanks for showing. said...

Hopefully the development plans can be revived. Government should require the funds to be deposited in advance for projects before subsidy money is doled out in public-private partnerships.

Now is a good time to build. Construction companies are bidding at slim margins just to keep the doors over. Maricopa County (the Phoenix area) just built a huge new courthouse complex and the construction costs cam in under budget.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I actually like this one Bob, it amazes me every Thursday to see how different an image you can compose using the same subject and you never let me down in your creativity! Sorry I didn't see your question yesterday, it's taken me some time to catch up after coming back from Sydney but now that you ask I love the slender image taken on Nov 10th, but to pick an 'actual' fav amongst them all would be so dificile!

Nathalie said...

Sad story, creative perspective. Great reflections.