Friday, November 25, 2011


Kansas 2011-11-24 1

Keating Street in Marysville, Kansas, on a warm, sunny Thanksgiving afternoon. It's a new street and the new home of my mother-in-law, Elvira Kruse, 93 this weekend. Each unit has two townhomes for seniors, all spacious and well-built. Elvira had lived in the old family house in a town of 600 or so (and shrinking). This development is in the county seat of about 4,000 (and growing). She can live by herself and has new friends nearby. Altogether better for her.

But it's so quiet. The cornfields begin at the end of the street. I hear the horns of the trains passing by town.


cieldequimper said...

Good for her and happy birthday!

I'm half expecting a Conestoga on the horizon.

The feeling of space is incredible.

brattcat said...

what an outstanding photo, bob. it's hard to move at any age. hope your mother-in-law is very happy in this new location.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I hope your mother in law will be very happy in her new home Bob, it will be nice for her to have new friends all around her.

Virginia said...

TEll Miss Elvira we all wish her well ln her new home. I'm glad she's happy there. Great shot B.

Wayne said...

This is an excellent shot Bob. A great composition with great light.

It reminds me of the iconic shots from the '50s (?) of the new subdivisions with the cookie cutter houses.

Nathalie said...

Bob I find this photo downright spooky. What a remarkable, remarkable shot. The composition is amazing. I'm glad I don't live there. It would freak me out.

Nathalie said...

Sorry if my comment above appeared rude. It wasn't meant to be. My first thought was 'my, this place could use a few trees!" That's the problem with new developments, it takes a while before gardens become proper gardens and the place feels feel right.

For the rest, the credit goes to your photographic talent. Your choice of perspective creates an amazing effect.

Choppography said...

Those aren't the only horns you'll hear come March! Tornado sirens will blare for miles in that part of the world....nothing to break the sound.