Sunday, November 27, 2011

Everyone Meets At Ricky's

Ricky's 1

In the classic movie Casablanca, everyone meets at Rick's. (In fact, that was the original title.) In Hanover, Kansas, everyone meets at Ricky's.

Kermit Riekenberg, below, has owned the place to dine in Hanover for 47 years. Hearty, yummy country cooking at amazing prices. Several layers of my wife's family met there for breakfast yesterday morning. The lead picture sums up the atmosphere. We want to come back and taste the Supreme Potato Ole listed on the board. Heck, we just want to find out what it is.

The ham and cheese omelet is just enormous. My brother-in-law, Mel, put a dollar bill next to it just to show the scale. At the bottom, Mrs. C leaves, another satisfied customer.

Sorry again about the lack of recent comments. Limited WiFi access out here. The motel is supposed to have it but I can't get the signal at my end of the hall.

Ricky's 2

Ricky's 3

Ricky's 4

Ricky's 5


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Looking forward to finding out what 'supreme potato ole' is Bob and did you enjoy it! It's so good these days to find a place where you get value for money!

Saint Louis Florist said...

Looks like a great place, this blog is great. We are moving down here soon and I'm excited to learn the area.

Halcyon said...

It's great to have a place where everyone meets. We are still looking for that place here in Toronto.

brattcat said...

i'd gladly give this place a try.

Bibi said...

I just love trying places like this.

Nathalie said...

Fine lady at the door :)

But I can't say I find the omelet very appetising...

Virginia said...

Oh I'm all about me some RIcky's. Glad the clan gathered here and we got to go along. Hello Mrs. C, we love getting to go to your homeplace for family occasions via Bob!