Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Looks Cute, Tastes Awful

Fire Bellied Toads

? ? ?

No, I never heard of them either. Was it a joke? The sign sat outside the pet shop in Soulard Farmers Market (est. 1779) on a busy Saturday. So I looked it up. The Web is the repository of all knowledge. (Notice I didn't say wisdom.)

There is actually a small genus, eight species, of fire bellied toads, tiny little critters. When approached by a potential predator, they puff themselves up to display all this yellow-orange-red mottled skin. This is supposedly a signal about how bad they would taste if actually consumed. I'm not sure why you would want one around the house. Maybe some people think it's cute.


Olivier said...

de vrai chien de garde, un peu comme les oies en moins agressives. Original, je connaissais pas non plus (j'espere que j'ai bien traduit ;))

cieldequimper said...

I actually like those buggars.

brattcat said...

We've each got our heads in the 'toads' for today's post.

Mo said...

yikes. Sounds awful

Birdman said...

Which one toads? tadpoles? or other?