Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Riverboating - With STL DPB's First Ever Video!

MS Mark Twain

On Sunday afternoon, we took a boat ride from Hannibal on the Mississippi, boarding the MS Mark Twain. Everything in Hannibal is named for Mark Twain, Samuel Clemens, Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn or Becky Thatcher except the Walmart.

From top to bottom:
- The wheelhouse.

- A view up Broadway in Hannibal from the boat. The river is a little above flood stage but not very much. In the severe flood of 1973, the river reached about a meter above the pavement at the first traffic light.

- A main railroad line running alone the river. Note the sand bags.

- A cadet boarding the boat for training.

- St. Louis Daily Photo's first video, featuring the boat's calliope playing cheerfully as we approached the dock. The captain said that on a still day it could be heard for three miles up and down river.

Broadway, Hannibal

Railroad On The River

Junior Captain

Downtown St. Louis 365 is back in its normal rhythm with a railroad trestle to nowhere.

Railroad Trestle


Oakland Daily Photo said...

I love the Mississippi. The calliope not so much.

cieldequimper said...

What a fantastic music! Plastic chairs like the ones on the deck alwayu make me want to push them around.
I love the view up Broadway -though I prefer another Broadway- because it reminds me of Hood River, OR. along the Columbia.

I'm trying to imagine broad Scots in Pitlochy. Nice place though.

Nathalie said...

Your video is more about recording music than movement but that was fantastic fun. Are you saying that this can be heard for three miles up and down the river? I can imagine the excitement back in the old days but I wonder how many times a day the boat now plays that music for tourists?

Regarding the Popes Palace, photos are forbidden in the rooms with painted ceilings - mine were stolen (I hid from the guard). Perhaps this is why you don't remember them. Memories tend to be supported by images.

Olivier said...

tres bonne idee la video (et bon choix de musique). j'aime bien la photo avec le garçon

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Sadly, the sound feature of my laptop quit working about a year ago.

Julie and I were just in the Sierra foothills wine country of California on our way to Yosemite, and that is the location of Calaveras County, made famous by Mark Twain.

brattcat said...

You are no stranger to high water, are you? Congratulations on your entre into the world of movie making. What a fun fledgling effort. Such a happy piping.

patty said...

great first video, but where are all the people???

Luis Gomez said...

Excellent Robert! Thanks. Great little video.

Julie said...

Bob - Copeland based his 'Simple Gifts' on this much older folk tune. Shakers originated in the UK in about 1770, with their largest concentration being in upper NY state. They were a spent force by 1900. They only ever wanted to number less than 10,000 adherents.

Reed said...

Beautiful capture of of an approaching train along the Mississippi River.