Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Free Throw Practice?

Chinese Festival at MoBot 12

This looks like it could be a basketball drill, but then the clothing isn't ideal for hoops. Another picture from the Chinese Cultural Festival. While these girls were waiting to go onstage their expressions ranged from cheerful to anxious, completely blank to Buddha-esque contemplation.

Chinese Festival at MoBot 11

And speaking of blank expressions, Pinocchio gets the head squeeze on
Downtown St. Louis 365.

2011-05-29 Citygarden 2


Olivier said...

elles s'entrainent peut etre pour la finale de NBA ;) GO DALLAS

cieldequimper said...

Love that wabbit.
And the pink stockings.

Sorry, couldn't help it.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

I noticed the shocking pink (thank you Elsa Schiaparelli) tights, too. Individualism or oversight?

Stefan Jansson said...

It can be hard to wait sometimes. Great costumes.

Jack said...

What colorful subjects! Nice shots.

Virginia said...

Me thinks you were in your element this day B. Wonderful.