Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hard Times In Hannibal

Psychiatric Help (Hannibal Store Window)

Hannibal, Missouri, looks rather poor these days. The industry that brought its time in the sun, small-to-medium scale river transport, has been surpassed by other technology. A comment on yesterday's post asked where all the people were on the riverboat. Even though all the schools are out here and it was a clear June Sunday, there were few passengers. The beautiful, modern museum about Samuel Clemens' life had just a trickle of visitors. How does the town hang on?

It's bad enough that the window of the little children's shop downtown is pushing mental health services. A business card dangling a job is left on the lawn of the riverfront park. I certainly hope that no one contemplates hurling him or herself into the enormous current of the Mississippi. It's dangerous, you know.

One Of The Few (Hannibal City Park)

Do Not Jump Off Wall

Downtown St. Louis 365 is waiting for Godot.

Party In The Plaza 13


cieldequimper said...

I daresay this is what happens in a lot of smaller places. Sad. But Charlie Brown and Lucy are there to save (the world).

brattcat said...

A somber post. Perhaps you've been listening to a bit too much Leonard Cohen...

PerthDailyPhoto said...

What would the population numbers be for Hannibal Bob? Small town asre a bit of a worry .

Virginia said...

I hope it is not a sign of the times. BTW, I could use some of Lucy's advice, and I still have a nickel.

Ayesha said...

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