Saturday, December 18, 2010

Star of Wonder, Star of Light

Kiener Christmas Tree 1

The official municipal Christmas tree in Kiener Plaza (with a bit of pixel modification). The star and moon may be leading us somewhere. Unfortunately, Bethlehem does not lie in that direction. East. St. Louis does, though.The Son of God was not born in East St. Louis but Miles Davis was.

Correction: I just remembered that Davis was actually born in Alton, Illinois, a bit up river. However, his family moved to East St. Louis when he was 1 so I'm going to leave the story alone. I like it better that way.


Yoshi said...

Beautiful Christmas illumination. I am a big fan of it and my birthday is the same as Miles Davis (not a year!).

cieldequimper said...

Miles Davis does it for me.
Call me traditional, I love red and green.

Unknown said...

Bob: Thanks again for a festive and great photo! You are the best we have I think!
Bill/Celestial Theatre

Kate said...

A very bright tree!

Virginia said...

Only you could come with all of that ! :)
Have a merry pixelated Christmas B.

brattcat said...

That's one jazzed Christmas tree.